What is a good impression click through rate on Youtube

Veritasium, a popular YouTube channel with over 6 Million Subscribers as of now released a video in which he discussed what made his YouTube video Viral. He came down to 2 conclusions after lots of research and a little advice from viral master Mr Beast.
According to the present YouTube Algorithm, there are only two things that make a video viral or popular on YouTube compared to other millions of videos and those are:
1. Watch Time
2. CTR or Click Through Rate

In this article, I am gonna talk about impressions click through rate for YouTube videos. What is a good impressions click through rate on YouTube. How I increased my click through rate from 5% to 14.7% and lastly why it is important to have a good CTR on YouTube. Click through rate or CTR is the percentage of number of times your video was clicked on based on the total impressions.

What is a good impressions click through rate percentage on Youtube?
The Average click through rate on YouTube that most channels have is ranging from 2% - 5% as most of the channels have CTR around that according to YouTube statistics. So anything above that is considered a good click through rate percentage. If you have a click through rate ranging from 5% to 10% than you are come in the good category. Anything above that is considered really really good. About 50% of Youtube channels have average click through rate of 2-5%. If you have a click through rate below 2% than you need to make some changes to get into average category or even the good category. Its not that hard to increase your click through rate. There are very simple techniques available that you can learn and use to increase your click through rate.

Awais Noor (My YouTube Channel Click Through Rate)

How I increased my click through rate from 5% to 14.7%?
Click through rate mainly depends on the video title and thumbnail of your video. The main question here is how I managed to improve the thumbnails and title of my videos. Lets talk about the title first. While writing the title of the YouTube video, I do a little research. I find out exactly what the people are searching for using the YouTube auto completion feature that we all have on our YouTube App or I sometimes use Google Keywords Feature.

For thumbnails, I noticed that a lot of audience was watching my videos from mobile devices so I focused on making thumbnails that worked well with those viewers. These are the things I did to make my thumbnails more appealing.

  • I focused on making thumbnails that targeted my mobile audience.
  • I added more contrast to thumbnails using different colour schemes and text. For example black and white colour offer a very good contrast. For text, I changed font style, size of the text and font weight (bold text) to get the best results.
  • I made sure to have high quality .PNG thumbnails for my Youtube videos. I use pixel lab app to make thumbnails on my phone and its high quality image feature is pretty good. 1280x720 or 1980x1020 resolution size is best suitable for YouTube Thumbnails.
That's it, that's how I managed to boost up impression click through rate on Youtube. Now read ahead to find why CTR is the most important thing for views on Youtube.

Why Click through rate is important?
I am gonna quote what veritasium said on this matter in my own words. He said that if your click through rate is good more people will watch your videos and if you have quality content and good watch time. Viewers will be engaged to your video. Youtube algorithm will notice this and show your video thumbnail to even more new audience which will lead to an increase in impressions over time. More impressions will lead to more Click through Rate and more chance of being discovered and that's how your video will have tons of views in no time. This is actually really simple strategy but with the competition from other fellow Youtubers, it becomes really tough. 
This is why impression click through rate is very important and you should do your best to increase your click through rate or CTR.


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