Solved Physics Practicals for 2nd year/class 12 Fbise

I remember how much difficulties I had to face while writing the practicals for Fsc. I had no notes to do the practical work . Due to all the abundant theory work, I could not complete the practical work as well. I had to complete each experiment one by one from different sources and it was really tiring work. I spent hours compiling these experiments. You don't need to worry about the authenticity or quality of these experiments because this practical book has been

checked and approved by our respective physics teacher. You may not find all these experiments present in your syllabus hence I would advise to check your syllabus for your respective board before writing these experiments in your notebook. However, all of them cannot be excluded from the syllabus. I am sure you will find some of the experiments here which would be included in your syllabus so feel free to copy them. Furthermore I will advise you to write the procedure from your own practical notebook as I skipped some of the steps to make the experiments a little shorter. However the procedure part is usually overlooked by examiner so you don't have to write it word by word rather making it a little shorter will save you much time and energy.Following is the list of practicals I compiled to complete my second year's practical notebook for physics:

Physics Practicals for 2nd year:

Exp 1: To determine the resistance using slide wire bridge

Exp 2:To determine internal resistance of galvanometer by half deflection method

Exp 3:To find the resistance of voltmeter by drawing a graph between R and 1/V

Exp 4: To study variation of photoelectric current with intensity of light

Exp 5:To make burglar alarm using NAND gate

Exp 6: Charging and Discharging of capacitor
Exp 7-a: To study variation of magnetic field along axis of a circular coil
Experiment # 07-b

Exp 8-a: To measure the high resistance by neon flash lamp
Experiment # 8-b

Exp 9: To study relation between current and capacitance
Exp 10: To determine internal resistance of cell using potentiometer

Exp 11: To study the variation of resistance of thermistor with temperature

Graph for Experiment # 03

Graph for Experiment # 4 & 5

Graph for Experiment #  8 & 9

Graph for Experiment # 11

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Note: These practicals are written according to the syllabus of the year 2015-2017 for federal board. Check the practicals which are in your syllabus here.
If you want to write physics practicals for 1st year, you can find them here as well. Physics practicals for 1st year.
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