6 Tips to Stay Happy in Life

A happy life is what every person desires but what is a happy life? How can we define it?. Can a big house, a beautiful spouse and a successful job make you a happy person? If not, then what is it which makes us happy inside and out? In this article, I will not be able to provide you a list of things you need to live a happy life but I am going to tell you how to stay happy with whatever things you got.
I got this information after reading tons of articles and books as well as research papers about happiness. I will try to summarize all of it in this single article. So how to become happy and stay that way forever. Just read all the tips below and I am 100% sure that after reading this article, at least one or two ideas will stay lit up in your mind and they will help you stay happy in the future.

6 tips to stay happy in life
"6 Tips to Stay Happy in Life"

6 Tips to stay happy in life:

1. Gratitude: I am going to start with gratitude. Believe me this one little word has great powers. Being content and grateful for whatever you have in life will definitely give you good results. Whenever you feel sad, take a moment to count all the blessings you have at that moment. Trust me this works, after going through all the blessings in your head you will feel a lot more lighter and much more happier. So this is a must have attribute for all of us. Even a fake smile during tough times can trick your brain into thinking you are happy and it will help release some of the stress that's been bothering you.

2. Relationships: Relationships are crucial to happiness. And this is not my self made rule, it was given by a Harvard research team which conducted an 80 years old study on happiness. 80 years is a long time. During this time, they picked some of the men and women and observed them discreetly. Of course the men and the women they picked willingly contributed to the studies beforehand. After 80 years, this conclusion was made. The secret to happiness is "Good Relationships" (period). They found out that the people who had the strongest relationships with their friends and family spent the happiest and the most successful lives among all the others. So the moral is that we need to have a small circle of people to whom we can rely upon in tough times. And this tiny little circle can make big differences in your life. Tips are not over yet, more are coming ahead. ; )

3. Bad times pass: Over the years, the most important thing I have learned in my life is that neither good times nor bad times last forever. And adding this into my mindset has really helped me to become more patient and grateful. Every person has this cycle of good and bad times going on in their lives and it will stay like that. Whenever times are tough, you need to believe and have faith in yourself because it will not stay like this forever, good things will happen soon. And besides tough times make you stronger and more mature. How you handle these tough times will define your success in the future. Almost all successful people faced failures at some point in their lives and they did not stay sad and depressed by it rather they believed in themselves and kept going. That's the mindset which made them successful. 

4. Present, past and future: The quote which you see below has great importance and meaning in my life. Read this quote two to three times before you move on. I am sure this quote will help you too in finding peace in tough times as it helped me. 
"If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present." - Lao Tzu 

5. Acceptance and helping others: Personally, I feel really happy whenever I help someone. I think Kindness and happiness are very closely related to each other. Be kind to yourself and others. Accepting yourself with all the imperfections you have leads to true happiness. I have personally experimented this and it really helped me to become more motivated, cheerful and happy. Just keep this mindset that you are perfect and let nobody tell you otherwise and it will truly help you achieve peace and happiness.

6. Never give up on your dreams: It does not matter how old you get or how unqualified you are, just keep having dreams and keep chasing them until you finally start fulfilling them. Dreams are important to stay happy in life. They develop a sense of purpose in you. They keep you motivated and inspire you to work hard. So its very crucial that you hold on to your dreams and never give up on them even when everybody else does. Its very important to do something that you love, that you are passionate about and that you dream about. Even if you are not able to do that right now, keep accomplishing those side goals till you are able to do the thing you really love and which you dream about because dreams are what keep us inspired and happy. So its important to have dreams and even more important to pursue them.

If you understand these tips correctly and remember them, you will stay happy regardless of whatever state or condition you are in. You don't need money, fame or respect to stay happy. You just need to believe in yourself and accept yourself with all the perfections and imperfections you have. Self-compassion and self-respect will bring you peace and happiness. Never stop believing in yourself.

Summary: Finally, this marks the end of my article on happiness. I will quickly summarize some of the tips so that you can remember them easily. I talked about gratitude, relationships, good times and bad times, the past, present and the future quote, acceptance and helping others and finally to never stop dreaming. I hope you remember some of them in the future and that they help you in sad times. Thank you for your time to read this article and best of luck for the future.


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