How to add a custom subscribe button in your videos 2017

Introduction: A custom subscribe button in any YouTube channel can significantly help to increase its audience. If your channel is getting sufficient views but your subscribers are not increasing at the same rate then you need to put a subscribe button in your videos or keep reminding your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

How to add a subscribe button in your videos: First thing you need is a subscribe icon. You can find hundreds of different subscribe buttons on the internet. Just pick one and save it on your computer. Then you have to go to your YouTube channel and click on branding option which will appear when you click on the channel tab in the side bar. In branding you can see add a watermark option. Click on it and choose your subscribe button which you have saved on your computer. Click save and as simple as that your subscribe icon or watermark will appear in all of your videos and people can directly subscribe to your channel from there. I have explained the whole procedure in the video below: 

Note: In this video, I have explained how to add a watermark to your videos that will act as a subscribe button. I made a watermark using Pic Monkey photo editing app as you can see and after making a matching watermark/logo for my channel I have uploaded it on YouTube.