Merit list and admission in NUST- Everything you should know

Why students prefer NUST?
National Institute of Science and Technology (NUST) is considered the number one engineering university of Pakistan. Due to its high reputation, good international influence and professional teaching staff, thousands of students try to get enrolled in the university every year. Moreover NUST guarantees a better career for its graduates. After graduation, the first thing graduates aim for is a decent job. Getting a job can be very difficult sometimes and academic background plays a major role to get you a job that is most suitable for your field. The name of the university can make a big difference.
In many cases, employers favor those people more who have graduated from a respectable university that enjoys a good position in national as well as international rankings. During the past years it has been observed that NUST graduates have far greater employment rates than other universities. This is a big achievement for NUST and it has effectively proved their worldwide ranking. For those of you who do not know, NUST is the top university of  Pakistan in terms of international university rankings. That accounts for why students prefer NUST over other universities.

How to get admission in NUST?
The whole admission process has been explained briefly on the official website of NUST. Here I will just summarize the whole admission process in easy words for your better understanding. NUST holds a total of three entry tests each year all over Pakistan both paper based and computer based included. Students can give each of the three tests and the best score out of all the tests will be taken into consideration. The first test is arranged somewhere near December, students of first year can also give this test. Second test takes place in March or April and the third one takes place somewhere near June or July. To increase your chances of getting admission in NUST, I advise you to give all the three tests conducted in a respected year. Your merit no. is calculated based on your 1st year and metric marks plus the marks you secure in the entry test. If you are applying for BS medical then your 2nd year marks are also taken into consideration. You can briefly know about the calculation of aggregate and merit no. on the official website of NUST so I will not distract you with the calculation process here. If your merit no. is present somewhere below 2500, you have a very good chance of getting admission in NUST but it entirely depends on what preferences you choose. I will elaborate on this a little more, if you wanna do mechanical, your merit no. should be below 500 at the least, for electrical, aerospace and avionics it should be below 1000, for software and computer engineering it should be below 1500, for civil engineering it should be below 2000 and for environmental it should be below 3500. But this does not remain same, each year the minimum merit position for getting admission in the particular discipline keeps on changing but for your better understanding I have given a rough estimate of what you should aim for to get admission in your desired field.
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Army reserved seats in NUST: Those of you who do not know, their is a special quota for students having a military background in the family. There are more or less 180 seats reserved for such students. But to apply for these seats, you have to fill and submit a certain paying cadet form to GHQ. You can get the paying cadet form directly from GHQ or you can also print it out online through their website. After filling the form, you have to submit the form in GHQ by post or by going there yourself. Boys and girls who are selected through paying cadet form in NUST have reduced fees as compared to others. Names of those boys and girls who are selected through this are most probably announced in the month of September. You can learn more briefly about this from the paying cadet form itself or from the website associated with it. One more thing, once you have been selected on open merit in NUST you won't be accepted through paying cadet form. This is one of the conditions for getting selected through PC form. Also you don't have to worry about your merit position to apply for this form. All the students having merit position ranging from 800 to 4500 or more can apply for these seats and they will have distinctive chances to get admission in NUST. But let me clear this that every year this merit gap keeps on increasing so you better check out the maximum and minimum merit positions to roughly estimate your admission chances before you apply for these army reserved seats.
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How many total merit lists are displayed in NUST?
In 2014, a total of 8 merit lists were displayed in NUST. In the following year, statistics did not change that much and again 8 merit lists were displayed but the year 2016 brought a big change with it. Only 6 merit lists were displayed as compared to 8 in the last year. Based on this, if we estimate an amount of total lists that will be displayed in 2017, we found them to be 5 or 6 at maximum. I advise you to keep checking the website for the announcement of admissions after the test because once you get selected in NUST, they give you a very short deadline to submit admission dues otherwise they can struck your name off anytime from the list so its better to clear your admission dues on time to avoid any admission problems. As for army students, if you get selected on the basis of paying cadet form, GHQ will soon send you a confirmation letter or else call you.

Note: I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding admission in NUST, please let me know and I will gladly answer them as soon as possible. This article was last updated on 8/24/2017. Any information you find on this article is best suitable for the year 2016 and 2017. Thanks!