What to do if you get disapproved by adsense?

How I got disapproved by ad sense:
Making a blog is much easier than getting it approved by ad sense. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to actually start earning money through your blog. Over the years, ad sense has increased its requirements by a lot due to which getting approved by ad sense on your very first try is rare, so if you get rejected by ad sense don't worry you are not the only one. I created my first blog on blogger and as soon as all the basic requirements were fulfilled I signed up for ad sense and sent the application, unfortunately within 2 hours my blog was rejected. But ad sense does not leave you in a
void after your blog is disapproved, it gives you another chance as well as reasons for which your blog was rejected. Now,

What to do if your blog gets disapproved by ad sense?
  • First thing you need to do is to check the email ad sense has sent you. There will be some queries with your blog which ad sense wants you to fix. Common reasons for disapproval are invalid traffic, lack of pages, less content and no ad code. You need to learn about these things to improve your blogging skills. Invalid traffic is a serious problem which is caused when someone opens your blog\website from indirect sources. Also you need to create some pages on your blog so that readers may find it easy to navigate through your blog posts. There are dozens of tutorials on the internet which teach how to create pages on your blog. 
  • Ad sense does not approve those blogs which contain too much videos and images. The content which you write matters the most. Also avoid using copyright images. There are dozens of websites out there in which millions of free images are available for you to use. Ad sense has very strict copyright policy and using too much copyright content can damage your blog.
  • You can also edit some of your previous posts to make your blog more acceptable to ad sense. Replace the copyright content with some of your original stuff. Furthermore you need to check if your website is showing on google or not. You can check this by writing your website's URL closed in commas ("your website") in google. If your website does not show then it has been blocked by google otherwise you are all good.
  • Don't rush things and wait for a month or two before applying to ad sense again. You will also have to learn about ad code. Without ad code, your blog will not be approved by ad sense. It is available for free on your ad sense account. You just have to copy it on your own blog after signing up for ad sense.
  • You have to avoid deriving invalid traffic into your blog. You can always use google, pinterest, your social media interactions and guest posts (Huffington post) to derive organic traffic into your blog. They are all free and easy to use. Furthermore, be on alert for spams on your blog. If someone comments links to their website on your blog, these may be marked as spam by google. Even if it is not your fault google may also take action against you for allowing such comments. 
Note: Its no big deal if your blog gets rejected by ad sense. The most difficult step to take after getting disapproved is to start writing your blog again. Once you do that, everything else becomes easy. If you are serious and passionate about blogging, don't give up rather think of this disapproval as one step closer to success.