Top 10 astronomy shows and documentaries of ALL TIME

Why TV shows?: TV shows and documentaries have made science really fun and easy to learn. Since the late 1950's astronomy has been an interesting subject to talk about particularly due to the recent discoveries of numerous stars, planets, galaxies and comics etc. Due to the growing interest of many people in astronomy, most science documentaries and TV shows always seemed to be
revolving around this particular subject. And they did their job very well to give us a deep understanding of the Universe. Honestly, I
loved astronomy from a very early age and these documentaries and TV shows have helped me a lot to learn and explore about this beautiful subject. The amazing camera work and visual effects created using Computer generated imagery (CGI) made them all the more interesting and easy to understand. I have found them very useful and they have helped me understand the universe more deeply.

Sources: BBC, National Geography, History, Science, Channel 4 and the Discovery channel have contributed a lot to produce these amazing documentaries and TV shows. Most of them have been uploaded on YouTube and Daily Motion so you will not have any trouble finding them on the internet. In this article, I will share with you a list of top 10 astronomy shows and documentaries that will boost your knowledge about the universe. So lets begin:
A picture of "cluster of galaxies"
Top 10 astronomy shows

➤Top 10 astronomy shows and documentaries:
  1. The Universe (2007 - 2015): is an extensive TV series explaining the universe and its mechanism from the very basics. Starting in the year 2007, it has so far completed 9 seasons which all ran successfully with excellent ratings throughout the world. We all owe it to the History channel for this marvelous production. All the episodes of The Universe TV show are available on You Tube in sequence. You can also watch its episodes on the official website of History channel. 
  2. Order and Disorder: is the latest TV show about science that started in the year 2016. Although it is not all about astronomy, it gives amazing explanation on different topics related to science. Professor Jim-Al-Khalili is the starring host of the show. The way he explains everything from the very basics is extraordinary. Although all the episodes have still not been released, the episodes that are out can increase your knowledge many folds so you should definitely check them out if you have not done so already. The CGI of this show is extraordinary and it really helps explaining different facts and theories thus it gives you a virtual learning experience of the Universe. You will get my point once you watch the show. It is a pure product of the famous BBC news channel and we have to appreciate them for this marvelous production. You can watch all the episodes on YouTube or from the official website of BBC news channel.
  3. Fabric of the cosmos: started in 2011. The whole series is based on the famous book (fabric of the cosmos) of renowned physicist and author, Brian Greene. The best thing about it is that almost all facts and theories about the Universe are explained using every day examples and high quality CGI, it really helps clear the concepts. It was first aired on National Geographic channel and it has been a big hit since then. It has got thousands of views on YouTube and that number keeps on increasing little by little each day. You should check it out once, it will really help you increase your knowledge about the Universe.
  4. Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe: mostly covers the life as well as work of Stephen Hawking (the famous theoretical physicist). It started in 2008. The whole series is converged in just two episodes each of about 48 minutes long. If you love Stephen Hawking's work then you should definitely watch both of them because both episodes mainly explain the work and views of Stephen Hawking about the universe. This series is the product of Channel 4 and you can watch both episodes from their website or you can also watch them on YouTube.
  5. Through the worm hole (2010 - 2017): is a really long TV series mainly focusing on astronomy. It is stuffed with information and knowledge about the Universe. From the making of the Universe to how it will end, all of the topics are covered in this series. The whole series is really long and covers 9 seasons and 62 episodes. Every episode is about 40 minutes long. The main popularity of this TV show was due to contribution of Morgan Freeman as its main host. The whole series is an informative production of the Science TV network.
Well enough about TV shows. Lets talk about documentaries. There are some fantastic documentaries available on the internet which can teach you everything you need to about the Universe. I will give you a list of top 5 documentaries about the universe that have been dominating the internet recently. Lets begin:
  1. Journey to the edge of the Universe (2008): is an amazing documentary that explains the universe using breathtaking images and high-quality CGI. It has been watched thousands of times on the internet and that number just keeps on increasing. If you are an astronomy lover then this is a must-see documentary for you. I can guarantee you that after watching this, you will know some of the most mysterious facts about the Universe. I must say that it is one of the top products of National Geographic channel. Without doubt, it is the best documentary they have produced so far.
  2. Hubble (2010): explains to you the latest discoveries and theories related to astronomy. Hubble is the name of famous telescope, the discovery of which solved many questions concerning the Universe. It is a must watch documentary. The camera work, CGI and breathtaking images taken from the Hubble telescope make it really interesting to watch. It is a production of NOVA, an active science organization.
  3. Cosmic Voyage (1996): is a 90's production by Cosmic Voyage Inc. Although it may seem a little old but cosmic voyage is an amazing documentary much better than most of the present ones. Due to the great effort put in to make the documentary, it is ranked no.3 in my list of top rated documentaries. It is about 35 minutes long but those 35 minutes are stuffed with information and knowledge all about the universe.
  4. Into the Universe: The story of Everything (2010): is another masterpiece of Stephen Hawking. He explains the Universe in a way that attracts many people. His explanation of the Universe is unique and you can find all his views about the universe in this documentary. It has been watched many times and is really popular among the recent documentaries. Into the Universe is a genuine product of the Discovery channel.
  5. The Year of Pluto (2015): is the latest documentary produced in order to explain the Universe more comprehensively. It gives information about some of the latest discoveries and facts regarding the Universe. You should definitely watch this documentary to keep yourself updated about the recent discoveries made by NASA. It is a pure production of the famous space organization, NASA.
Note: This is it. The list of top 10 astronomy shows and documentaries about the Universe ends here. Well they can also be included in the list of top 10 science shows because they don't just focus on astronomy, they also explain variety of topics related to science. All of these shows are different from one another, you will never find all the information in a single series or documentary. I will advise you to watch all of them one by one to have a deep understanding of the Universe. This list was last updated on 7/27/2017.