How to start a free blog in Blogger 2018

Why start a blog?
Blogging has gained immense popularity during the last decade. Introduction of new and updated blogging platforms has made it very easy for hundreds of people to start a blog. Due to this reason, with each passing year number of bloggers throughout the world keep on increasing at a very rapid rate. Many people are making a complete living out of it by turning blogging into a full time profession. But blogging is not easy, it requires much hard work and determination to actually start earning money through it. Anyways giving a chance to something that can completely change your
life starting from scratch is absolutely worth it. Like all other professions, the key for becoming a successful blogger is to never quit.
Lets get started:
Choose a blogging platform of your choice to get started. If you want to make a free blog then blogger is the best one out there however if you want to make a self-hosted blog, WordPress will be most suitable for you. For a self hosted blog, remember to use and not A self-hosted blog is always more rewarding than a hosted blog. Using a hosted blog, you get limited number of tools to design, organize and beautify your blog while a self-hosted blog provides you with unlimited number of accessories to make your blog look more appealing. But that does not mean that a hosted or a free blog does not do you any good. To make you understand the whole concept of blogging, I will give you a complete guide to make a free blog on blogger and how to make money online using a free blog.
Lets get Started

How to make a free blog on blogger?
Step 1: To start using blogger as your hosted blogging platform, you need to sign up for blogger using your gmail account. For this purpose, open blogger and click on create a blog button that appears on the front page. Enter your gmail address and choose a password that you can easily remember. Once you sign up for blogger, move to step 2.
Step 2: Once you have signed up for blogger, you will be asked to choose a domain name(blog/website's name) for your blog. Now this is a very important step because your domain name describes your blog and by using it other people will be able to find your blog/website on google. Choose a domain name that is most suitable for your blog and what you write about. If the domain name that you entered has already been used by someone else, you will be asked to enter another domain name. Choose a domain name that specifically belongs to you and press create button to proceed further. The domain name that you choose is not permanent and you can always change it in the settings tab so you don't have to worry about it. After choosing a suitable domain name for your blog, move to step 3.
Step 3: Before you start writing articles and begin publishing your posts, it is important that you choose a good theme for your blog to make your blog look more appealing and attractive. There are many themes available in the themes tab to choose from but if you want to give your blog a professional look choose a custom theme from the internet. You can also customize your theme or edit it using HTML to make it best suitable for your blog. After choosing a good theme for your blog, its time to start writing posts.
Step 4: Write at least one post in one or two days to keep your blog active. During your first week, try to publish as many posts as you can so that team google may confirm that you are serious about blogging and not just playing with it otherwise your posts may take a long time to show up in google search results. If you are good enough, your posts could start showing up on google in 4-5 days. Remember that a good post contains more content and less images. Do not copy images from google as they often contain copyrighted material and google does not promote blogs/websites using such material. There are many websites available out there from which you can download free photos. Use them to make your blog look more original. Try writing about the topics that are hot or trending to make your posts show up on google more often. Type "your blog's address" enclosed by commas on google to check whether google has started showing up your blog/website or not.
Step 5: If you have completed all the above steps, its time to talk about earnings. In your blogger account there is an earnings option. When you click on it, you can see a line which says that your blog does not yet qualify for ad sense. Read the full article below to find out why your blog does not qualify for ad sense. Once your blog qualifies for ad sense, apply for ad sense and wait for the approval. If you get approved that's really good news because you will soon be earning real money through your blog but in most cases new blogs are not approved on their first attempt. But its no big deal if you get disapproved by ad sense because you can always reapply as many times as you want. For more information, read this: What to do if you get disapproved by ad sense?

Note: Using these 5 steps you can create a free blog and if you are good enough you can actually start earning money with it very soon. Just keep learning new things and keep publicizing your blog to increase your page views and you will become better and better each passing day. If you have 10-15 well written posts with sufficient page views then you have a very good chance to be approved by ad sense. And once you get approved by ad sense, you have become successful as a blogger. Other than ad sense, you can apply for other ad networks as well, there are dozen of them out there. If you work hard and produce good quality content for readers you will start earning money in no time. If you want to know how to get approved by Adsense once your blog becomes eligible for Adsense. Check: Tips to get approved by Adsense. Thanks for reading and good luck!