How To Increase Website Traffic Using Google Plus

In my previous post about increasing website traffic, I did not mention Google+. Therefore I am writing this new post especially about using Google+ to increase website traffic. Google+ is a very handy tool for bloggers as it can be used to bring enormous traffic in your website i.e if you know the proper way to do it. In this article, I will give you a complete guide on how to use G+ to get 100+ pageviews each day on your posts. Its a very simple guide and I am sure that everybody will not have
any trouble applying it on their website. Before getting to the actual guide, let me give you some important facts about why you should prefer G+ to increase your website's traffic.

Why should you prefer Google + to increase website traffic?
Here are some significant facts about using Google+ as a source to increase website traffic. I am sure they will also help clear some of your queries related to website traffic:

  • Google+ is a safe and reliable platform to increase website traffic so any traffic you get as a result of it is completely valid.
  • You can find thousands of people having same interests as yours on Google+. Most of them will be willing to connect to you if your posts satisfy their interests. You can use this fact to build a good audience for your website. 
  • There is no limit to the number of posts you can share on Google+. The good thing about it is that once you gain a lot of followers, you can also use Google+ to increase traffic for other websites you build in the future.
  • Google+ has millions of users worldwide. Share your posts on Google+ to reach large number of people connected to it, this will effectively increase your website traffic in a fast and reliable way.
Finally lets go to the actual guide on how to use Google+ to increase your website's traffic. Before starting, let me make it clear that this guide is mainly for newbie bloggers and I am sure that more experienced bloggers already know about it. I have made this guide based on my personal experience because when I first started a website, G+ was completely a new thing to me and I did not know how to use it to increase your website's traffic or why to use it at all. I faced many difficulties to build my website's traffic in my starting months.That's why I am sharing this simple guide. I am sure that this will help many new bloggers get good traffic for their website/blog.
picture of notepad displaying "how to increase website traffic using G+"
Increase your traffic using this simple guide

How to increase website traffic using G+:

Step 1: Copy the URL of the post you want to share in Google+.  After doing that move to step 2.
Step 2: Go to your Google+ profile. You can do that by searching Google+ on google and clicking the Google+ link on the page that shows up. Once you are in your Google+ profile, go to the search bar that is present on top of the page right in the header.
Step 3: You have to search for topics that your post is mainly about in the search bar. For example, if you have written a post about education, you can search for topics like education, study, learning and education tips etc. When you search for education, you will see many communities and people connected to it. Join the communities that are about education and share your post in them by pasting the URL you just copied. Share your post in as many communities as you can to get more traffic to your website. Similarly when you write a post about some other topic, search the communities related to that topic and share your post in them to reach more people interested in that topic. Its a very simple and easy way to get instant traffic to your website.

Important Note: Don't share successive links in Google+ communities. Target the right people to share your posts. People who will not be interested in your posts may find them disturbing and report you. Too many reports can cause your Google+ account to get suspended due to spam activity. You have to use Google+ wisely to increase your website's traffic otherwise it may prove costly.
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You should give a good impression of yourself in your Google+ profile, upload a nice profile picture and give a brief and captivating bio of yourself. Moreover, write high quality content that benefits your viewers to build a good audience for your website. This will also help you increase your Google+ followers more rapidly. Having a large number of followers will bring massive traffic in your website on a daily basis. Several blogging communities are also present on Google+ in which hundreds of new and professional bloggers are connected to each other. Sharing your posts in those communities will also help bring a lot of traffic in your website. That's it. This is how you use Google+ to increase your website's traffic. It has worked extremely well for me in the past few months and this method has increased my website's traffic significantly to an extent that now about 40% of my website's traffic comes from Google+. I am sure that this method will also prove very beneficial for you and it will effectively increase your website's traffic. After 10-20 minutes of sharing your posts on Google+, you will see a marked increase in your website's traffic. Good Luck!
I hope this article was helpful to you. Thanks for reading and for more information on how to increase website's traffic, see related posts section: