Solved Physics Practicals for 1st year/class 11 fbise

I remember how much difficulties I had to face while writing the practicals for FSC. I had no notes to do the practical work . Due to all the abundant theory work, I could not complete the practicals as well. I had to complete each experiment one by one from different sources and it was really tiring work. However to save you from all the trouble I have made a list of solved physics practicals for first year FBISE. You don't have to worry about the quality and accuracy of these practicals. As you
can see, they have all been checked properly and are 100% correct. However if you happen to find any mistakes in them, they may have been overlooked by the examiner. The observations and conclusion part is genuine so you can write it without any fear but for the procedure part I have skipped some of the steps therefore I would advise you to write it from your own practical notebook. Following is the list of solved physics practicals for 1st year FBISE:

Physics Practicals for 1st year:

Exp 1: To determine volume of cylinder using vernier calipers 

Exp 2: To determine diameter of given wire using screw gauge

Exp 3-a: Verification of different relations in simple pendulum

Experiment # 03-b

Exp 4: To determine focal length of convex lens

Exp 5: To determine focal length of concave lens using concave mirror

Exp 6: To determine the focal length of concave lens using convex lens

Exp 7: Determine frequency of meld's experiment

Exp 8: To find volume of g by free fall using electronic timer

Exp 9: To determine moment of inertia of a fly-wheel

Exp 10: To determine mechanical equivalent heat by electrical method

Exp 11: Setting up a telescope and to determine its magnifying power and length
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Note: These practicals are written according to the syllabus of the year 2015-2017. Check the practicals which are in your syllabus here. If you want to write physics practicals for 2nd year as well also check solved physics practicals for 2nd year FBISE.

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