Is February a good month for Youtubers in terms of Revenue

Once you get approved by YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Ads are placed on your youtube videos. The amount of revenue you earn from ads depends upon number and type of Ads shown on your YouTube Videos. Ad Rate is different for different niches on Youtube. For Example, the technology videos might earn more than gaming videos. The Ad Rate keeps changing every year.

Once you start earning money from YouTube regularly, you will notice that the revenue is different for different months. You might be getting same amount of views every month but the amount of revenue you earn can be different for each month. For example, the amount of revenue you earn in the month of January can be way less than the revenue you earned in December for the same amount of views. Why is this? Why does YouTube Revenue keep Changing every month? Which months are best for Youtubers in terms of Youtube Revenue? There are number of factors that can cause this. In this article, I will clear your queries about this topic. 

Why January is the worst month for Youtubers in terms of YouTube Revenue ?
The ads you see on YouTube videos are advertised by different companies. These companies enter a contract with YouTube to advertise their product and in return YouTube serves their ads to the interested audience using their algorithm. But as all contracts come to end eventually, these one do too. The companies mostly sign a contract with YouTube on a yearly base. So when the year ends, most of these contracts also come to an end. Therefore, the revenue for the month of January is less as compared to other months because most contracts end at the end of the year and new contracts must be formed. The new contracts are formed by the month of January and the revenue gradually becomes good for Creators. 

Is Feb a good month for Youtubers in terms of YouTube Revenue ?
It all depends on advertisers. Usually, in mid February, the revenue goes back to normal and you will see the difference between Jan and Feb in the monthly revenue report. So your Youtube income goes back to normal in mid Feb and in some case at the end of February. But again, it all depends upon advertisers who are investing their money to advertise their products. They might be willing to spend more in the month of Feb and your Revenue could go up rapidly. 
December is considered to be the peak month in terms of making money from YouTube. The advertisers pay more during that time to market their product and hence the revenue shoots up.

That's it guys! I hope this article gave you some idea of how YouTube Partner Program works and why YouTube Revenue is different for each month for the same number of views. If you want to add something to this article or if you want to ask any questions, leave them down in the comments down below and we will discuss them here. OK, Till next time!!