In this article, I will be sharing with you my story on how I grew on YouTube and how much I earn now. Youtube is really difficult. Those who have tried to start their channel and failed know what I mean. I think the secret to growing on Youtube is not giving up and just keep on making videos until finally you get discovered. That's what I did as a beginner YouTuber. I did not quit and kept on making videos on whatever topic that came across my mind and that really helped me to grow on YouTube. Read the full article below to find out how I managed to grow on YouTube and actually make a decent amount of money with my YouTube Channel. Its not much but considering I am still a college student, its really a big achievement for me and I am really grateful for it.

So I started youtube about 1 year ago during my summer vacations. In the beginning I made many random videos on different topics but I was not getting any views from them. But I am glad that I made those videos because they helped me improve my video editing skills and they also helped me learn more about Youtube. When I started Youtube, monetization was comparatively easier than now. It required only 10,000 channel views. I hit that milestone after 3 months or so. After my channel got monetized, I started making more videos. But again I was getting absolutely no income. After learning from other youtuber's experiences I started making videos that targeted countries like US and UK with much higher ad rate. That really helped me to boost my youtube income.

Youtube sends you your payment once you earn at least 100$. So My first income came after 7 months of making videos. I had made about 25 videos by then. I got 112 US dollars from my first income. That really gave me the inspiration and the push to make much more videos. Also as I made these videos, my video editing skills and audio editing skills also improved very much. So the videos which required 2-3 hours to make before now I could make them within 1 hour.
My second income came just after 4 months, I got about 135 US dollars from youtube which I m very grateful for. I think the time for the second income was less because as I made more videos, the less revenue earned from individual video combined with other many videos I made became much higher. So one advice that I can give you if you are new to youtube is that make as many videos as you can. Don't worry if your videos don't get views. The least you will get is the experience to make much better videos in the future.

My third payment came in even lesser time than the second one. It came just after 3 months and I got 115$ dollars from Youtube.
Now what are my youtube earnings per month?
It varies every month, but at the moment I am earning about 60-70 dollars  per months from YouTube. In the previous month I earned about 65 dollars from YouTube. That's it guys.
That's it guys, I hope this article was helpful to you and you found what you were looking for. Also if you want to start your own youtube channel or you want to know more about YouTube you can contact me using the contact me page on this website or you can also just head on over to youtube and comment your queries in any of the videos. I will be glad to help you out. Alright everyone, thanks for reading this article.