Best Free Apps to Make YouTube Videos on Android

Being a new Youtuber is no easy job. Finding the best tools to make your youtube videos more appealing can be a difficult task. So in this article, I will share with you the apps I used as a beginner to make youtube videos on android. I also make my thumbnails on android so I will also be sharing with you a really cool app with which you can easily make high quality thumbnails. Screen recording is also very essential element in making youtube videos. So having the best screen recording app is also very important for a youtuber. Please read the post below to find out about all the apps you can use to make youtube videos on your android phones.

Best Android Apps to make YouTube Videos on Phone:

Screen Recorder:
So lets begin. First of all lets talk about the screen recording app I use because a lot of videos I make require the screen to be recorded just like this one. I use DU Recorder App. It works best for me. You can record the screen both in portrait mode or landscape mode. You can also enable face cam if you want to make a review video or a gaming video etc. It also has some very simple editing options that you can use. You can add intros and outros to your video, trim your video, add images to your video and also you can add text and music to your videos in this screen recorder app. And the best thing I Like about it is that you can easily turn off the watermark option in the settings so it really helps give your videos a professional look. Out of all the screen recording apps I used this one has worked best for me.

App to Make Thumbnails:
Next is photo editing app I use to make thumbnails for android. I have been using Pixel Lab for a long time now and it really helps to make professional high quality thumbnails for youtube. It also gives you the option to set the image size to youtube thumbnail, profile photo and channel art etc. After you have done editing your thumbnail, it lets you save your photos to your gallery for free in high quality PNG format. Its really easy to use and once you go through the tutorials you can start making awesome thumbnails for your youtube videos. Most of the thumbnails that you can see on my Youtube channel are also made with Pixel Lab. Its the best thumbnail making app for youtube in my opinion.

Video Editing App:
For video editing I use My Movie. The interface of My Movie makes it very easy to edit your videos. This app is specially made for You-tuber's. All the effects are really awesome and some of them cannot be found on Pro apps too. For example I really liked the glitch effect on this app. It can help you make really cool intros for youtube. Furthermore, if we talk about basics in this app, you can trim your videos, add stickers, text, effects and music to make your youtube videos more interesting. I do most of the editing on my laptop, but its also convenient to have a video editing app right on your android phone. This app is also free and you can easily remove the water mark by pressing the cross button.

Stop Motion Videos:
If you don't know about stop motion videos then you are missing out a lot. I can give you a small example so that you can get a general idea. If you have seen a toy moving in a video, basically it is done by taking many pictures of it in different positions and then making a video out of them in fast mode which makes it look like the toy is moving on its own. Stop motion is a very cool app that you can use to make stop motion videos. If you are into stop motion video making then you must have this app. Its free and really easy to use. Once you get the hang it, you will fall in love with stop motion video making. There are hundreds of videos with tons of views on YouTube that were made with stop motion videography.

Hyperlapse Videos:
I also have Microsoft Hyperlapse app to make hyper-lapse videos. Its free and easy to use. Most smartphones do not come with the in built hyper-lapse option like mine so if you don't have that option, this app will work best for you. Basically it can speed up your videos in a smooth way to 2x, 4x or 8x. For example, a sunset video in really fast motion. Try this app at least once, I guarantee you that you will love it.

Animation Videos:
Next, If you like to make animation videos then FilpaClip is best for you. You can also use this app to make cool intros for your youtube videos. It does not matter if you have never done animations this app makes it very easy for beginners to make animated videos. So I recommend that you give this app a try if you love to do animations.

Creator Studio: 
Finally the youtube creator studio is a must have app for all YouTubers. It really helps to analyze your videos and find out which ones get discovered more. It has many options that you will find very helpful. You can upload thumbnails, add tags on your videos, view your channel analytics and much more. So its a must have app for youtubers. This app has been a huge help in growing my YouTube Channel. I got a lot of new video ideas through this app and I got to know about my audience more and which videos I made were more appealing. This is really an amazing app that can help YouTubers a lot so if you are new to YouTube please do give this app a try.

That's it guys. I hope you found this article helpful. If you did, please do share this with your other Youtuber friends or the ones who plan on starting YouTube. This can prove to be a much help for them in the future. I use all the apps I mentioned in the article and they have really helped me make a lot of Youtube videos. I do most of the editing on my laptop, but sometimes these apps can be really helpful to make YouTube videos entirely on your Android Phones. Thanks for reading guys!!! I hope you found this article helpful. Do read my other posts about YouTube tips or check out my channel to learn more.

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Best Free Android App to Make YouTube Videos on Android: