How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube

YouTube has introduced a new feature on their android app. This feature comes with the latest update. With this feature you can enable the dark mode theme in android. It gives the YouTube app a very smooth and artistic look. In this article, I am gonna tell you how you can enable dark mode too. 

So lets begin. First of all, you need to update the YouTube app so head on over to the playstore and check if your youtube app has been updated or not. To check just type youtube in the search bar and open the app then if the update button appears then your YouTube app is not updated and you need to update it to access the dark mode feature. Finally after updating the app, open YouTube. 

How to Enable the Dark Mode on YouTube?

Once youtube is opened, click on the profile icon on top left corner of the screen to go to settings. In the settings option, you will see the general option. Click on general and you will see the dark mode option in the second line. Just click the button to enable dark theme on youtube.

If the dark theme option does not appear even after the update then change the location to US or UK and then restart the app. For more clear information, watch this video:

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