10 Best YouTubers to help grow your channel really fast

As a beginner Youtuber, its very difficult to rank your videos higher and get your channel discovered more often on Youtube. There are plenty of Youtube tips and strategies that can help grow your channel really fast. The best and perhaps the most shortest way is to learn from those Youtubers who have already gone through that and are there to help your channel get discovered on Youtube. 

A year ago, I was also struggling to grow my channel from scratch. I had really difficult time doing that. And all the scam YouTube tips videos did not help at all. After a year of researching on YouTube, I found the channels which helped me grow mine really fast. These channels offer free advice and tips that really make a difference in the YouTube community. I have applied these tips on my channel and saw my channel grow exponentially. Its truly amazing how such simple and easy tips can help grow your channel really fast. I recommend you to check all the channels I have mentioned below and if you are honestly about starting youtube, you will learn a great deal from these guys.

Here is the list of top 10 best youtubers which can help you grow your channel really fast. 
Number ten on my list is: 

10. Brian G Johnson Tv
He makes quality content and his videos are actually really interesting and his thumbnails are truly eye catching. This channel is all about youtube tips and tricks for small youtubers. With over 350 videos and 50,000 subscribers, This channel has really helped small creators to grow their channel for over two years. His videos are very informative and fun to watch. You can see that all of the playlists on his channel are about youtube tips and strategies to help grow your channel. So be sure to check his channel out. 

9. Justin Brown Primal Video
Justin Brown Primal Video is a really good channel for video editing tutorials. As a Youtuber, its very important that you have the best softwares and apps you need to make and edit your videos. This channel can really help you improve your video making and editing skills. With over 170K subscribers, this channel really helps beginners to improve their video editing skills and grow their channel. so be sure to check it out. 

8. Derrel Eves
He is one of the most experienced guys on YouTube. He also holds VidSummit every year where hundreds of awesome Youtubers gather to share their experience and strategies. Derrel Eves is one of the very first youtubers out there. He has been on Youtube since 2006 and he shares all of his youtube experience to help grow your channel through his videos. He offers quality content to his viewers and its true that nobody knows youtube better than this guy so be sure to check him out.

7. Think Media
He made Youtube his full time job and he has been on Youtube ever since. As a full youtuber, Sean shares his youtube experience and strategies that can help grow your channel really fast. His channel is mostly about youtube tips and best gadgets for making youtube videos. He has over 600K subscribers. Be sure to check his channel out. All of his videos are really informative and helpful.

6. Video Influencors
This is the second channel of Sean Cannel he has made with the collaboration of Benji. This whole channel is all about youtube strategies and tips to help small youtubers grow their channel. You can also see video editing tips, thumbnail tutorials, and video gadgets you can use to make awesome youtube videos. Both of them are expert in their fields and they actually make really great videos together. 

5. Video Creators 
As the name suggests, this channel offers quality content to help grow your youtube channel. Some of the playlists on this channel are using youtube analytics, top productivity tips, how to grow and manage a youtube team and how to make money on youtube. be sure to check this channel out. He is closely in touch with the YouTube team and he occasionally invites YouTube employees to share their deep insight.

4. Nick Nimmin
Nick Nimmin is one my favorite channels on youtube. Every video he makes has a good message behind it. I have learned a lot from this channel in the past months. This channel is about youtube tips, software's and apps you should use to make videos and about youtube strategies. He has made dozens of good videos on his channel. Some of the best playlists on his channel are how to youtube on android, live streaming for youtubers and youtube advice and tips.

3. Roberto Blake
The reason why this channel is on number 3 is because of the experience Roberto Blake has. He has made over 1000 videos over the past years. Just this number alone shows how much we can learn from him. He has more than 30 playlists on his channel and most of his videos are about youtube strategies and tips to help you grow your channel. Be sure to check them out.

2. YouTube Help
This is the official channel of the  youtube team aiming to help people know more about youtube. It gives you information about every latest features and updates on youtube. It has over 6.5 Million subscribers and some of the best playlists on this channel are starting your youtube channel and learn the basics with youtube help. This channel is all about YouTube tips to help you know more about YouTube. Subscribe to this channel to get the latest updates on YouTube.

1. YouTube Creators [Creators academy]
Number one on this list is youtube creators[ creator academy]. Without doubt it is the best place for creators to help them grow their channel. Many successful youtubers are invited on this channel to share their youtube experience and strategies. One of the very best video on this channel is "10 youtube fundamentals". It contains some of best tips and strategies to help grow your channel fast.

That's it. All of these channel have really helped me grow my channel in such a short amount of time. I would not have been able to grow my channel this fast without their expert advice. I am sure these channels will also help you learn more about YouTube so that you can grow your channel with your own original ideas and not some fake hacks. I have also made a video on this topic on my YouTube channel, i will leave a link to it down below. Watch the video to see how the channels actually look like and what type of content they have to offer. Thanks for reading this article. 

10 Best YouTubers to help grow your YouTube Channel really fast:

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