How to watch oscars 2018 online in Pakistan/India

Finally the time of the oscar awards is here. But how to watch ocsars live if you are living in a country where you dont have access to watch it? If you don't know the answer, you are on the right page. I will show you how you can watch oscars 2018 live from anywhere in the world.

First you need to know when oscar 2018 will start or what's the timing in your country.
If you are living in Pakistan or India, the proper official show will start around 6:00 AM on Monday i.e today. But the red carpet walk will start somewhere around 4:30 AM.

How to watch online in India?

If you are living in India, its a lot easy for you to watch the show. The show will air live on hotstar, star movies and star movies HD. You can head over to their official website to watch the show. Now if you are living in Pakistan like me, you can watch the show by following the below method.

How to watch online in Pakistan?

Download tunnelbear VPN on your android. Its the most reliable and free VPN software out there. Create an account (its really easy to make) which just requires a confirmation of your email address. Once you have created the account. Just turn tunnel bear on and by default united states will be selected as your source IP address. If you wanna change the country, you can also do that. Now that the tunnel bear is on. Go to google and open ABC channel if you have selected united states as your source country or hotstar if you have selected India.
There is also a live stream on YouTube. It will be a bit laggy but it works fine. Just search oscars 2018 live and it will pop up.

Now the live stream will work just fine and you will be able to watch the show online.
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