How to Get Admission in NUST | Nust Student Tips

Who am I?
I am currently doing Software Engineering at NUST. I got into NUST on Oct, 2017. I am writing this article to share effective tips that could help you get admission in NUST.

How to Apply in NUST?
You can apply online at the official website of NUST. Just sign up to create an account in the admissions section. Once you create a account, it will last with you till the last entry test so try to set a password and email address that you can remember easily. Everything from the Entry Test fees to the entry test results will appear on this account.

Tips to get Admission in NUST: 
Following are some of my tips to those students who are willing to get admission in NUST:

  1. Take as many entry tests as you can: When I was applying for NUST. I took all the 3 tests that occurred in a single year. In the first test, I got 101 marks, 125 in the second and 124 in the third. NUST selects the best of all the tests you take. I recommend you to give all the three tests because that will help you gain a lot of experience and it will give you a general idea of what type of questions come in the entry tests. The first entry test is always the hardest in my view but it strengthens your preparation for the future tests. So my number one tip is to take all the three tests.
  2. Read Text books thoroughly: I know this may seem a very obvious advice to you but reading the text books thoroughly is very important. And by reading, I mean studying every page of the book even those chapters you left in your FSC preparation. As you know, NUST entry test is MCQ based so reading the whole book will greatly help you guess the best possible answer when you are stuck in a problem. Reading the books even once can make a big difference in your test results. All the MCQ's come from the topics present in the books but the questions are made in such a way so as to test your understanding of the topic. So its very important to clear all the concepts while preparing. 
  3. Academy's don't help that much: I personally did not go to any academy. I prepared on my own at home. I also know many students at my time who went to different academy's to prepare for the entry tests but unfortunately they could not get admission. The main problem of the academy's is that instead of clearing the concepts and understanding they manly focus on giving notes based on the previous tests. The thing is NUST updates its questions every year. Same questions are very rare to come again. So the key is to clear all the concepts and strengthen your understanding.
  4. Practice: Practice make you perfect. There are many online sites which provide you mock tests to help you solve different questions. I recommend you to take those tests. PakPrep is a famous website for conducting such tests. I also recommend you to buy an ECAT book if you are applying for an engineering discipline. I personally bought 1 such book and it really helped me in my preparation.
That's it guys. At the end, I can only advice you to work hard, be positive and never lose hope. Don't worry if you don't get admission in NUST. Maybe Allah has something far more greater planned for you. Thanks for reading!


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