Tips to get your blog approved by Adsense - 2018

Introduction: As a blogger getting your blog approved by Adsense is one of the biggest achievements of your life. Adsense which is one of the largest ad networks around the globe has caught the attention of hundreds of bloggers. But due to its increased demand, getting approved by Adsense has become much more difficult than before. Many new bloggers get very disappointed when their blog is disapproved by Adsense but as you get more experienced in blogging, you realize that getting disapproved by Adsense on your first few attempts is a normal thing that every blogger has to face at some point. Furthermore, if your blog has qualified for Adsense, you have to appreciate
yourself for that because you are already ahead of several bloggers who face a lot of trouble getting eligible to apply for Adsense, getting approved is a completely different scenario. After getting eligible for Adsense, your next aim is to get approved by Adsense and start earning money.
Tips to get an approved Adsense Account
  1. Your blog should contain at least 10-15 well written posts containing less images and more content. Each post should contain at least 600+ words. Do not use copyright materials in your blog. Download free images from websites like FreeDigitalPhotos, Pixabay, Gratisography, Pexels and Shutterstock to upload them on your blog.
  2. Make a clear navigation bar in your blog so that people may easily find your posts. You can choose a custom theme having a built-in navigation bar to give your blog a professional look. There are many websites available on the internet that offer you free blogger templates. You can download and upload them on your blog to make your blog look more beautiful and organized. 
  3. Create more pages in your blog using the pages tab. Create privacy policy, contacts and about me page to further describe your blog to your audience. You can use free privacy policy generator to make a free privacy policy for your blog. 
  4. Increase your audience by promoting your blog using pinterest, social media, Q&A forums and also by interacting with other bloggers. Learn how to promote your blog using Facebook.
  5. See other blogs who have been approved by Adsense to get a general idea of how your blog needs to look for getting approved by Adsense
  6. If you have been disapproved by ad sense once, check the email Adsense has sent you. Problems related to your blog will be mentioned in that email. Once you have fixed those problems, apply for ad sense again. You can reapply as many times as you want. For more information, read: What to do if you get disapproved by Adsense?
  7. The most common reasons for disapproval are insufficient content and incapability to comply with ad sense program policies. As I mentioned before, your blog post should contain at least 600+ words containing high quality content. Without sufficient content, your blog will never get approved for Adsense. Read the program policies of Adsense carefully and point out the mistakes in your blog. Update your blog according to them to get accepted by Adsense.
  8. Don't rush things and take your time while writing a post. Remember that quality of the posts matter and not the number of posts. What I mean is that you can easily get your Adsense account approved by writing few posts having sufficient and good quality content instead of having several small posts lacking any good quality content.
  9. If you can, try publishing posts linked to a specific topic in your blog. Blogs containing more information about a certain topic are more likely to get approved by Adsense. Besides Adsense, various other ad networks like, Bidvertiser and Infolinks also prefer such blogs more and finally if you ever get approved by them they give you ads according to your blog's topic. But ad sense does not have any restrictions like this so you can write about anything you want.
  10. Your blog/website's age is a crucial factor for getting approved by Adsense. It takes some time to get approved by Adsense even if your blog is in perfect condition and complies with all the program policies of Adsense. In some cases, bloggers have to wait for several months before getting their approval letter. You can utilize this time to increase your blog's audience by modifying your blog in a way that will attract more customers.
  11. Although Adsense does not restrict you to use other ad networks. It is a good idea not to include ad codes from other ad networks. It will give a good impression to Adsense team when they crawl your blog to test it for approval.
Motivation: Over the years, due to thousands of users Adsense has made their program policies very strict so that only good quality blogs and websites can be approved. But even if you follow all their rules and regulations, only 4 out of 100 people are getting approved by Adsense so you have to be among those 4 to actually get approved. On the other hand, even if your blog does not get approved by Adsense ever, it is not the end of your blogging career. There are other ad networks too that you can use to monetize your blog. But let me tell you, Blogging is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work and will power to actually start earning money. At times, you may have to delete your blog altogether and start a new one but even that should not stop you. I faced a lot of rejections myself, sometimes deleting the posts I spent hours writing. But what kept me going was the motivation I gave myself that I was learning something new each day. If you are new at blogging, I will advice you to prepare yourself for the worst and never quit. Just keep learning new things and improve yourself each day and I can guarantee you that you will become successful. If you feel like giving up, read the stories of other successful bloggers to get inspiration and you will be all good in no time. Thanks for reading!