How to recover your google+ account suspended due to spam |2017

 Few days ago, my google+ account was suspended due to spam. I searched the whole internet for a simple solution but could not find one. I was really worried because I had to switch to limited blogger account to regain access to my website. I had spent two months building that website and its audience so its natural that I did not want to waste all my hard work for nothing. The first question that came in my mind after my account got suspended was that what is a limited blogger account. Well I searched for it and found out that a limited blogger account has only one drawback. The only drawback is that
you cannot connect with your readers through Google+. Google+ is a very handy tool to build good traffic for your website and it can also help boost your website's reputation on google. I did not want to lose good audience after I worked so hard to build one so I kept trying to find ways through which I could safely recover my Google+ account. Thank God I was successful, it took me 2 days to get my account back but finally I have fully recovered my google+ account that was initially suspended due to spam. But before going to the actual recovery guide, let me just tell you a little about why my google+ account was suspended because it may help you avoid any such problems in the future.

Why my google+ account was suspended in the first place?
I think I know the reason pretty well why my Google+ account was suspended. Whenever I published a post on my website, I shared a link of it on many communities connected on Google+ to get some traffic in my website.  Maybe some of the people found my posts out of their interests and reported them, as a result of it Google+ took immediate action and without even giving a single warning or something, they suspended my account immediately. Honestly, I did not know about this stuff and it was a completely new thing to me. And personally I think that Google+ should at least bother to give a warning before suspending someone's account on any basis. Well anyways, my google+ account was suspended and to get it back they asked me to delete all the posts that I shared on Google+ communities. At first, I deleted all the posts that were present on my profile page and submitted a review. After the review, again it showed the message that your account is suspended due to spam activity and there were not enough guidelines on how to get it back. I tried to search for a simple solution on google but could not find one. At the end, luckily I discovered a solution myself and successfully recovered back my Google+ account that was initially suspended due to spam. It was a very simple recovery process and I honestly think that there should be a proper guideline given by Google+ in such situations to help out the beginners. I am sharing this guide especially for beginners to help them safely recover their google+ account that was initially suspended due to spam activity so lets get started:

How to recover your Google+ account suspended due to spam:

Step 1: Go to your Google+ profile. When your account gets suspended, you cannot share, post or comment on other posts. But the good thing is that you can edit your settings and that precise advantage can help you safely recover back your Google+ account. Now open up your Google+account and go to settings tab.
picture of Google+ profile page with circle drawn around settings tab
Settings tab in Google+

Step 2: In the settings tab, under general settings you will see a button activity log. Go to activity log. From here things become very easy, in the activity log you can see all the posts you shared in each community. Remove every post that you shared because one of them is marked may be marked as spam and that particular post is the cause of suspension of your Google+ account.

Step 3: After removing all the posts, submit a review and your google+ account will be recovered within 2 hours. If all the posts that your shared on other communities are also visible on your profile page, delete them from there also and again submit a review if your first review was rejected. I am sure this will solve the problem.

➢Summary for recovery process:
Open Google+ account  Go to settings  Go to activity log  Remove posts  Submit Review

Note: When you share a link to a post in other communities or in the comments section, that post or comment is likely to get spammed and Google+ has a very strict policy regarding this. I honestly don't know if Google+ will so easily recover back your account the second time so I advise you to be careful. If you want to share a link to your post in Google+, make sure that you are sharing it to the right people. Not all kinds of people might like it and more importantly don't over do it i.e don't post successive links in one place. Google+ can be used to bring good traffic to your website but you have to use it wisely to make it productive otherwise it may prove costly to you. I hope my suggestion works for you in the future. If you still cannot get your account back after doing all this, please feel free to contact me using the contact information given below. Thanks for reading!