How to increase website traffic in 2017 | 5 methods

Importance: Making a website is one thing but to make it popular you have to follow a completely different strategy. In general, almost every one can make a website but not all of them end up with a successful one. And to make your website successful, you should have a good audience. Technically it requires much greater effort to publicize your website than to create it. Even if your website has a perfect theme, offers good quality content and contains several posts for the people to navigate through if you will not spend some time to advertise it, you will be wasting all your hard work for
nothing. Increasing your website's rank on google can take a very long time, so instead of waiting for people to come on google to find your posts somewhere present in those numerous search results, you should adopt a different strategy to make your voice heard. With all those hundreds of top class websites roaming the internet, chances for your posts to land up in the first page of google's search results are very rare. As google gradually increases your website's rank according to your performance, you will eventually start to get a little traffic in your website. But generating good audience following this strategy can take a very long time to do so. Hence other faster modes of deriving traffic to your website should be adopted to get better results in less time. Below, I have described some ways you can use to increase your website's traffic in a very short time:
Top 5 ways to increase website traffic

Top 5 ways you can use to derive massive traffic in your website:                                             
  • Pinterest is a growing social media platform with millions of users. Many professional bloggers also prefer pinterest as a massive traffic source. You can easily connect with pinterest through your Facebook or gmail account. Remember to link your website to it in the settings once you sign up for pinterest. If your websites contains a lot of pictures then pinterest will be the best option for you. The way it works is that you create a board and start pinning pictures from your website in that board. You can create multiple boards related to different topics and give them a suitable name to describe your posts. As soon as people search for topics related to your boards, some of your pictures that you pinned will be visible to them and once they click on the pictures, they will be directed to your website. This is a great way to increase your website's traffic once you get the idea of how to use it.
  • Other social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and Reddit can also get you a reasonable amount of traffic depending on how much people you are connected with. Remember to show your website's address on your social media profiles where it is easily accessible to the people. Increase your followers and build up a friendly environment. Follow as many people as you can and many of them will surely follow you back instantly. Write a good quality post that is informative as well as beneficial for your users. Don't mislead your followers or you will end up losing good audience. Moreover, respond nicely to their comments and queries to build a trustworthy relation with your followers to make sure that they keep visiting your website in the future.
  • Use Keyword Planner and google analytics to study your website's traffic. Keyword Planner can help you choose specific keywords for your articles to attract more customers. For example, if you are writing an article on how to make a free blog, when you put the title in keyword planner, it will show you the total number of search results that were made related to that topic during a specific period as well as how much competition you have to face to get your article appear in the first page of google. Moreover, it will give you suggestions on what type of keywords you should be using to reach more people i.e people may search how to create a blog more often than how to make a blog. So just by using create instead of make, you will be able to attract many more customers. It is a very handy tool for bloggers and you should learn to use it as soon as possible to improve your website's traffic. In case of Google Analytics, I recommend you to use their mobile app. Their mobile app is very friendly and way more easy to use than their desktop version. Google Analytics gives you information about your website's traffic i.e how much visitors you had, what was the bounce rate, what was the average time of each session and how much time people spent on a specific page. You will also get occasional suggestions from Google Analytics to improve your website's traffic. Both of these tools can help you increase your website's traffic over time.
  • YouTube can also be used to bring small but instant traffic to your website. You just have to copy paste your post's URL along with some catchy phrase to attract more people in the YouTube's comment section. What you have to do is, go to the trending section in YouTube. Open each video one by one and start commenting on them. You can also change the location to find videos that are trending in other countries to reach maximum number of people. In just 20 minutes, I can assure you that you will immediately get up to 50 views on your post i.e if your post falls in the interest of some people. But be sure not to mislead them, and give them good quality and informative content to read from. YouTube comments with links are very much likely to get spammed i.e deleted. So comment on many videos as you can because your comment may have a minute or two's life. The traffic you get as a result of this is completely safe and will not be marked as invalid traffic. So don't worry and start commenting.
  • Guest posting on other popular blogs can effectively increase your website's traffic. Guest posting means to write articles for someone else's blog or website. There are some popular blogs out there which allow guest posting such as Shoutmeloud, Hubspot, Smashing Magazine, Daily Blog Tips etc. Once they review your post and approve it, your post will be shown on their blog and will be able to attract those hundreds of customers visiting that blog. Also remember to give your website's link at the end to ensure that people seeing that post will also be able to visit your website. Your website's rank and reputation will also increase in the process. Besides Guest Posting, you can also use different forums to bring more traffic to your website. There is a whole community of bloggers connected to these forums who are always ready to help. Post something useful and ask their suggestions to improve it and many people connected to these forums will visit your website in the process. Do this on a regular basis to connect with your fellow bloggers and it will help increase your presence in the blogging community.
Note: Following these simple steps, I have been able to effectively increase my website's traffic in less than 2 months. I am hopeful that they will do the same for you. Although it may take a long time to actually start getting regular visitors to your website, these five methods will eventually prove beneficial for you. At the end, it all depends on your website's content and what you have to offer for your customers to make sure that people keep coming back to your website. When people will start to visit your website regularly, google will also improve your website's rank in the process but this will not be easy. You will have to work very hard and produce good quality content on a regular basis. Following this strategy, your website will start getting good response in about six months or so. I hope this article was helpful for you and thanks very much for reading it. If you also have any ideas on how to improve your website's traffic, please share them.