How I Started Coding

Introduction: Its really fascinating how coding has progressed so rapidly in the recent years. Hundreds of new programming languages have revolutionized the programming world. Due to their excessive use, a person not knowing at least the basics of coding is considered to be somewhat ignorant. According to a latest report, there are some schools who even introduced coding in their primary syllabus so as to prepare the future generation for the so-called digital age. Learning to code has never been so easy than now, there are several websites available on the internet which actually
teach you how to code for free. Its actually really fun once you get the hang of it. There are no limits of the things that can be made through coding. You just think of an idea and give it a shape using your coding skills. Turning your imagination into reality is totally possible with the help of little code. Moreover, if you are good enough, coding can actually earn you a decent amount of money. This is just one more great thing about coding, you start learning coding for free and if you work hard and really put your mind into it you can actually start earning money after 5-6 months, literally starting from scratch. Once you get to know about the significance of coding in the present world, you would wish you had started learning it earlier. But its never too late to learn, it does not matter if you are 10 years old or 60 years old, there are some amazing websites out there which teach you according to your age and experience. I will share with you my experience of how I started to learn code:

How I started: I started my journey of coding when I was 18 years old. All thanks to my brother who made me realize the importance of coding and how it was dominating in the 21st century. He introduced me to a coding platform where I started learning the programming languages. I first learned HTML in codecademy, it was not hard at all and I completed the course after 15-30 days. Unfortunately due to my academic session I could not learn coding for about 5 months. It was hard to concentrate on both things side by side. Anyways after 5 months I repeated the course on sololearn and I am really grateful for it because I got to learn HTML thoroughly. After HTML, I started learning CSS, it is a kind of design language for HTML. HTML and CSS can be used to build great things together. Java was the next language I turned to and I found it slightly harder than the other two. But I kept myself motivated and did not give up. The best thing about programming is that there is no end to how much can you learn. In the programming world, you are always in the process of learning and applying what you have learned to give shape to your ideas. Although I am still in the process of learning, but in such a short time I am happy to know about how websites and apps actually work. Now when I see a blog, website or an app I get a general idea of how it has been built. Now lets talk a bit about different coding platforms you can use to learn coding for free.

Coding is Fun!

Where to learn Coding?
There are hundreds of coding platforms out there. Some are free and some are not but all of them offer you something new to learn. Each of them use their own unique style to teach code. You should try some of them before you actually choose one to find out which of them teaches you according to your style of learning. In this way you can learn more fast and efficiently. I tried the following coding platforms and found them extremely useful. Using them I have learned coding starting absolutely from scratch. The best thing about them is that they are extremely easy to use and they really help to keep you motivated till the end. Following is a little explanation about each of them to help you get a general idea of what they have to offer you:

  • Codecademy is probably one of the earliest coding platform. The best thing about it is that its completely free. Furthermore, there are also articles which help you understand what you should learn and what can you build out of it. You just have to sign in and start coding.Although it has all the great features there is one slight drawback, it does not work much good in smartphones. To go to Codecademy click here
  • Sololearn is another great platform and it is the best for mobile users. Their mobile app is very useful and offers courses in many programming languages. It is also free and easy to use.To see sololearn click here.
  • FreeCodeCamp is best for beginners. It starts teaching you from the very basics. They also give you projects to improve your coding skills. The more you do these projects, you become better and better each day. There is a whole community of programmers to ask for help if you get stuck anywhere. It is also free but better for PC/laptop users.To start using freecodecamp click here.
  • LYNDA is better for those who are ready to pay to learn coding. It offers you video tutorials and teachers who teach you A to Z of programming. Although it is an awesome website for coding, it is a bit expensive. To go to LYNDA click here.
Programming requires time and practice. Even if you can devote 30 minutes of your each day to coding, it produces excellent results. It does not matter which programming language you choose to learn first, just start somewhere and you will be amazed to see the results. In 6 to 8 months, you maybe able to use your coding skills to earn money as well. After learning coding, you can proudly give yourself the title of programmer.

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