TikTok Search Engine | Find and Watch TikToks

I made a Tiktok search engine website using google custom search engine API. You can watch Tiktoks without an account and username on this search engine. Search for usernames, tiktoks, or people on TikTok.

Link to the Website: https://www.searchtiktoks.com/

Tiktok Search Engine Website Interface

TikTok Search Engine Tricks

1. To search for tiktoks of a particular username, search @username in the search bar above. E.g if you search for @charlie. The search engine wil show all the results with @charlie in the title or the description. If you want to narrow the search results even more, enclose your search query within commas " ". e.g "@charlie" will return more specific search results.

2. To search and watch tiktoks with particular hashtag. Simple search #searchhere. For example, if you want to watch tiktoks related to hashtag football. Search for #football in the search bar, it will show you all the tiktoks with that hashtag. For Advanced searching, if you want to search for multiple hashtags, include ADD between each hashtags. For Example if I search for: #football AND #brazil. It will return search results which contains both these hashtags in the tiktok. Similary you can use the OR between words which will search for either of the two words in the search results. (You can use OR and AND with other words as well not just hashtags.

3. To search for people on this TikTok Search engine, search for their name in the search bar above and enclose it within commas to get more narrowed down search results. E.g "john". The TikTok Search Engine will return me search results for john.

4. Use intitle trick to narrow down searches even more. Using intitle returns you search results where the word you search for is in the title. E.g If I search for intitle:charlie (make sure there is no space between intitle and your word(s)), it will display all search results with charlie in the title. Its a great way to find what you are looking for on TikTok.

5. Similarly, using inurl will return you search results where the word you search is in the URL of the TikTok posts. For Example, search for inurl:john. It will return you search results where the word john is in the URL of TikTok. (Note that there is no space between inurl and john. If there is space, this trick will not work)

What is searchtiktok: A Tiktok Search Engine?

searchtiktok is a custom made Search Engine for tiktok which helps you search through tiktok posts much faster. This website is not owned by tiktok. This is a simple search engine dedicated to tiktok. Searchtiktok helps you search any post or profile on tiktok and find the maximum amount of information on that topic from tiktok. It uses google search algorithm to display the top relevant search results about the topic on tiktok. You can also sort the search results by date to find the latest information available about that topic on tiktok

How it works?

Search for any topic you want in the search Engine provided above. The website uses google custom search engine API to match your search results to the posts and comments made on tiktok posts, comments and profiles. This allows you to gather more information from tiktok posts on the particular topic. Once you hit the search button, it might take a couple of seconds to open the link in the tiktok app or browser. Search about the tiktok you want to find in the search bar and it will display all posts from tiktoks matching your search query.